2 Aug 2013

Strange animals at the zoo

We went to the zoo the other day and just after we had walked in we bumped into some very very special friends of ours. WE had headed there to meet up with some other friends and the friends we bumped into were doing the same thing. Yeah aha you guessed it, we never did meet up with our original friends. It was 8000 degrees that day and apparently Groupon had been running one of its specials as the place was a mob scene. I couldn't find Kelly and although Amy did find Daniel but they went their own way but that might have been due to the gab fest Ame and I were on.

The two of us have been friends for years. Nicolas and Lily were friends when they were very tiny. It's fair to say that Nick was Lily's first friend and they have always had a great bond. Even though we don't see them often because our paths have changed, 2 boys versus 2 girls, baseball every single night, swimming every single night, when those 2 got back together time had stood still and it was classic Lily/Nick escapades.

Nicolas and Lily 2003
Nicolas. Rosie and Lily 2013 
Hmmm, this is very funny when your are 9. 11 or 12 
cooling off with ice
and then an ice fight broke out
they all stuffed ice down each others shirts

I handed over my camera again and it proved to be such a silly thing to do. I should have known when the above noted sign caused such a disturbance that the photos would also be off kilter. What can I say....youth!

only the rear
three in a row...must be a record

bottoms up
bloody cheek
icee time
intent on cooling off
so hot
I believe that this very innocent looking child is the one who took many of these photos...bwa ha ha.
For an accidental encounter it was the best time but I think they always are. As for the friends we tried to meet we met them the next weekend. I also need to add to this, meeting up with Amy has led to me giving up all sugar and processed foods. You all know what a chocolate junkie I am and how I love my deserts. yes well they have all gone and my diet is almost as pure as driven snow. I feel fabulous. I went 3 days before the massive headache hit, I knew it would happen and I was nervous as all can be. I t was not as bad as I thought it would. Last night we celebrated a friends birthday and I didn't even have a piece of ooey gooey covered in fudge chocolate cake, I really didn't want it. Oh my god what has hapened to me???? Any is a nutritionalist and just a casual conversation about something as we were walking inthat 8000 degree heat hit me and bam, job done. Oh and I think I am so over blogging. did I am manage to slip that sentence in without you noticing. Oh and don't you just melt at that photo of Lily all pudgey and cute. Not many photos of her on here when she was so little.


Vivian M said...

What did Amy say that made you give up chocolate??!!! Please share, I have an addicted hubby!

By the way, I would love if you accidentally bumped into us any time!

Valerie Emerle said...

Having not ever seeing a picture of Lily when she was little I just wanted to eat her right up....love those knees!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Looks like a wonderful day with old friends!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I am so happy you had such an awesome day. It must have been exactly what your family needed.


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