24 Jul 2013

I'm not sure I am the cruising type

We had a great time, honestly we did. In fact it was absolutely brilliant but I have to make a confession: I don't think I like cruises, I don't think I'm the cruising type. As I mentioned before the reason why we went with Carnival Cruise Lines was purely for the kidlets enjoyment. There is no debating that they cater to the kiddies. If it had been a cruise for me I would have chosen NCL or RCL or maybe even Princess. Carnival offers a lot and I can't find fault with anything.

The dining rooms didn't offer a very great vegetarian selection or many salads but seriously I am possibly the only person who goes on a cruise and wants to eat a salad. The ships are known for their food. I am not a foodie. The day they offered the Chocolate Extravaganza lunch I might have eaten my body weight but other than that I was pretty much take it or leave it. Just because it is there does not mean I will eat it.

I realised something about myself on this trip and that is that I am NOT a people person. There are a kazillion lot of people on a ship that size and I don't like crowds, AT ALL. Not that at any point were we all squished together in one place but I just knew they were all there. Sometimes walking past the pool I would see it so full of people it looked like some sort of cold exotic people soup just waiting to be ladled out. Blech. We had any time dining so the dining rooms were never packed and never ever felt cramped, there were so many shows going on at one time the venues never seemed over crowded but I just felt them. I also have that anti germ thing happening and well, no never mind...lets just leave that one right there. A picture might just scar you for life.

The ship was clean, really clean, you barely even saw empty glasses and cups on tables. Our room steward was like a magician. He knew what needed to be done before I did...he must be a mummy. LOL

I loved being waited on hand and foot, who doesn't. I loved going to bed in Key West and waking up in Mexico. All of that I loved, being on the ship....not so much.  But at the same time I loved being on the ship.

Yes I am fully aware that I am making no sense at all. Let me try it this way. I don't think if you asked me now if I wanted to get on another cruise next week I would say yes.

Allow me state for the record, cruising is not my first choice when it comes to holidays. (but this one was fabulous)

Oh and for the record my weirdness isn't only on cruise ships you should see how freaky I can get in a hotel room. Egads, my kids don't dare get near the carpet and forget about touching the bathroom floor. People....gag, wretch, heave! They don't stand a chance of growing up unscathed.


Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And I am exactly on the same page you are with cruises - I really enjoyed the cruise I went on. But I am good for a while now. I'm sure I will go again at some point, but I'm not interested in going again anytime soon. I don't love tons of crowds either. I didn't understand all of the people that gathered on the lido deck for hours upon hours (it was always packed). I like quiet too much for that! My friend on the other hand is going on several more this year! She is a cruiser! Me - not so much!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safely back and had a great time.Rather worried about your next visit over here....we have dust everywhere and the kitchen sink is in the garden...so is the washing machine.
Enough of that for now.bb.xxx

dawn said...

Dear BB
It's germs that get me...you are not a germy type neither is Jon! Lots of people are a tad overwhelming but I don't think that should be an issue unless you have recently opened a moshpit in the lounge!

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker on your blog but I'm commenting to say that I'm not a cruise person either!!! I've been on one and I really didn't enjoy it. It was a Royal Caribbean. No offense but you'd never get me to step foot on a Carnival Cruise for a million dollars after all of the issues they've had! I don't like being cooped up with a gazillian people for a week and, quite frankly, after all of the amazing Miami restaurants we frequent on the beach and in the Gables, I found the food to be very mediocre at best. The only cruise I'd consider doing in the future is a Viking cruise in Europe (yes, please!!!) or an Alaskan cruise simply because that's pretty much the best way to see Alaska. Everything else no thanks!!!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Funny, I had the same thought of the pool. You would think they would have a much larger pool for that many people. There was not one inch to spare in the pool. ALso, I had wished they had a good salad too. Like Panera! Maybe they could get Panera to come on board and make a good salad.


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