8 Jun 2013

birthday fun

Lily celebrated her birthday today with her friends Sidney and Paula. They arrived shortly after lunch and wasted no time getting their craft on.
Sidney Lily and Paula
Once the skies had cleared they got to do what they really came to do and that was head to the pool. I laughed out loud when 4 girls from the swim team got into the pool and started doing laps and drills. Crazy kids. At one point they cleared out the shallow end as they were racing and doing fly and it scared all the littles. After laughing my head off I suggested they do something else. They finally just started being kids and stopped being manic team swimmers.
Huey, Duey and Luey
Finally being silly 
I laughed when I realised Lily and Rosie had goggles on
Swim friends
funny girls
they had a plan
and this was it.

Rosie promised her sister she would stay out of her hair and she did. I was really proud of her cos she was bursting to play with them.
The pool made everyone starving so we came home and Lily's choice for dinner was Chinese food so while they all showered and got cleaned up I ordered take out and it arrived in perfect time. They ate and wasted no time getting back to business and this time the business was dyeing their hair with Cool Aid. ~ yes I got the parents permission before dyeing the lovely blonde hair of their girls bright red. Lily actually learnt about it from Sidney.

painting on the cool aid. Supposedly blue shows up better on dark hair... not true
drying the dye
While they waited for the dye to take they ate cake and attacked each other with party poppers
Lily went first

Red tips which will wash out over the next couple of days especially since they swim all the time. Lily's hair isn't showing any colour at all but I think when she is in sunlight it will. She is disappointed...me not so much but I wanted her to do this and see what it was like. 
Now...now it is 11.30 and they are watching T.V. and making friendship bracelets. There is no end in sight. I put Rosie to bed a short while ago.
I call them un-sleepovers for a reason. I don't expect them to sleep. They have at least a billion other crafts to do before the night is over.

Paula had tried the Cool Aid dye before too but it didn't work at all. I researched it online and found the best way to do is to add conditioner to the mix  and paint it on the hair and then wrap it in foil and dry it. I rinsed it out until the water ran clear.


Valerie Emerle said...

Looks like fun. Doesn't the hair get sticky cus of the sugar?

Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun party! Great photos!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

dawn said...

You have to use unsweetened Kool aid and you rinse it out afterwards...when it is dry. The whole process is rather disgusting.

Briana's Mom said...

What a fun party! Looks like they had a blast. :)

likeschocolate said...

Look at all those flat tummies! I am jealous! So glad her birthday party was a success.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Lily! What a fun party!!

Vivian M said...

Happy belated birthday Lily!!!


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