10 Jun 2013

All big and graduated

When I met my, sister from another mister, Jakie, her kids were little. They were younger than mine and yet somehow her oldest graduated from High School last week. This makes my mouth hang open. Carolina is heading off to college, say what?

I wouldn't have missed her graduation for anything. I am extremely proud of her. She is the kind of kid that if the subject doesn't rank high, in her priorities, she will leave all the work until the 11th hour and then burn the midnight oil, pull an all nighter, race like a lunatic to get to school to turn the paper in by it's deadline, barely making it and magically get an A. It's just how she rolls. It makes her mother nuts, it makes her sister nuts and it makes me nuts but it works for her. She is a really good kid who just marches to her own beat. She is also extremely talented as a singer, dancer and performer and will excel in college and into her future on the stage. Hah, she takes drama to a whole new level.

Only teenagers look this good at 7.30 am. Caro and Lucy
Pomp and circumstance
the graduate and her mama and (not so little) little sis 
Yours truly with  Caro and Edder
Lunchipoo with with her daddy who flew in from Brazil, Grandma, (both were there) and the rest of the gang
Who both make the same face when asked to pose.
Congratulations Caro....show Emerson how Drama is meant to be done.


Valerie Emerle said...

That last one is too, too funny!

Glinda said...

LOL I have a sister from another mister too! just texted her that!

The graduate could be your daughter!

likeschocolate said...

So wonderful you could be there to support your friend.

Vivian M said...

Love that blue dress! Congrats to the graduate!


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