14 Jun 2013


When Lily first became a big sister she was five and a half and absolutely loved to wear clothes that matched her sisters. Now of course she wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything remotely close to what Ro wears. Mind you they have polar opposite tastes in clothes so that might have a little something to do with it.

Months back we were in Justice, I can't imagine why as I am not a fan and nor is Lily, when we spotted an outfit geared towards swimmers. Lily thought it was awful but Rosie loved it. She couldn't have the outfit only the top as the shorts were huge on her.

Last week Lily received that outfit for her birthday from one of her close friends on the swim team and oh guess what? It's the best outfit ever! Oh yes it is and she wears it as often as it is clean to swimming which is almost everyday as when we come it is wet and gets thrown straight in the machine. Rosie, who has been wearing her shirt on and off for months to swimming, has been told she can't wear it as the older girls are wearing theirs so she can't.
Ummm, sorry Rosie but I only just got wind of this one and the gig is up and you can wear it.

This was tonight. the 2 amigos...and the sister. 
The back of the shirts say, just add water.

Why didn't Lily like them? Because the lime green letters on the front are aparkly. Who knew Rosie would be a trend setter when it came to fashion, certainly not I.


Briana's Mom said...

I think they all look adorable! Bri would be all about that outfit - just switch out the swim part to soccer. :)

And it has lime sparkle letters - what is not to like? ;)

Valerie Emerle said...

Love it! LiLi has just discovered Justice & wants to shop there!

likeschocolate said...

How funny! Oh last week, when you wrote the post on what Rosie said that stopped you in your tracks, I thought how sad. It makes me sad that others tease him. My husband is funny in that he feels if we were to take a boy that it might be hard on the boy when it came time to get married because usually white woman do not marry Asian men and Asian families would not approve of us because we a white. He feels that it wouldn't hold true from a girl though because white men love to marry Asian women. Who knows if any of this is true or not, but I was talking to a mom the other day who adopted a girl from Korea and she said her daughter has had a really hard time dating. Do the girls gravitate toward Asian children, Caucasian, or have a mixture of both. Not that it matters, I am just curious. I don't really see color. I wish it wasn't an issue in 2013. I wish could all just see each other for who we are as individuals, but I know that isn't true. Our neighborhood because it is a new development is becoming more Indian. I have tried on several occasions to befriend these woman, but they tend to stick with those of their same culture. I keep hoping one of them will teach me how to make my favorite Indian dish.

Vivian M said...

Love the sparkly swim shirts!!


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