23 Jun 2013

As I thought

I thought that once Lily got wind that I had been behind the scenes at the Britto gallery she would be green with envy and I was right. She begged me to take her back down to Lincoln Road today so that she could see his new work that is on display. She said she didn't care if she didn't get "the tour" she just wanted to see his new style of painting.

I was fine with that. Lincoln Road is a lot of fun and the people watching there is bar none. Where else can you teach your kids about transgender, movie stars, pimped up geriatrics, body builders and young love all in one place?  We strolled around for a little while and then made our way to the gallery. Lily was in awe, as she always is. Anthony sadly wasn't working today and the crew that was in today lacked the sparkle that he had. As the girls were chatting about which pieces they have another man overheard them and came and chatted. I told them our story and he took them upstairs. It wasn't the grand tour that we received yesterday but they got to see the studio. They saw most of what I saw yesterday and Lily took in every single inch of it. She floated on air from piece to piece. They both loved the giant panda.

Once back downstairs they both purchased something with their own money. From there we left and headed to the art gallery next door which is a shared space of many starving artists using umpteen different medias and quite fun.

By this time it was  eleventy billion degrees so the girls needed some ice cream.

Hot and happy girlies
Kilwins, our favourite ice cream
speaks for itself
 Lily took this and I actually don't hate it. Wrinkly old prune.
An absolutely great day spent with my kiddies whom I missed a lot, a very very lot.


Valerie Emerle said...

Isn't it funny when we are on the "other side" of the camera we don't look anything like the way we "see" ourselves!!!

Vivian M said...

I think you look awesome. I miss Lincoln Road in South Beach!

ourchinagirls said...

Your girls are so beautiful!! And you look like a beautiful Mom who has given so much to your girls!! Take pride you earned every wrinkle!!

Glinda said...

OMG I almost peed myself when I read "eleventy billion degrees." Hilarious.

Going to look up Britto now, love the Panda.

Wrinkles = Wisdom, wouldn't trade'em for pimples, ever!

Brandi said...

What wrinkles! You're too hard on yourself. I just see a beautiful mom and sweet little girls. Glad you enjoyed your day out.

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I didn't you went back...how wonderful!! You are the bestest mom evah!!


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