22 Jun 2013

What do you get when....

What do you get when you have 3 crazy women and a bright orange pair of sandals?

Give up?

A tour of Romero Britto's private art gallery.

Uh huh, yes you do.

Months back Lori, Stress is the new Black, and Grace, Love Letters to China and I decided we would get our kids together today for a trip to the zoo. Fast forward a few months and oh deary me, my kids are away so instead of rescheduling the play date we made it a mama's play date. The 3 of us see each other very infrequently but when we do it is always super fun. I suggested that we meet up on Lincoln Rd and take it from there.

We had lunch at a fabulous little Tapas place and then trotted 15 steps into Brittos gallery as it was, excuse my French, hotter than balls, outside. There were many other places to go to cool off but we all love Brittos artwork so it was the perfect cool down spot.

Not 2 seconds after we walked in a very "flamboyant" and fabulous chap called Anthony came up to me and commented/drooled about my sandals, shirt and orange watch. He loved my outfit. We all introduced ourselves and he told us if we needed anything to let him know. Lori, Grace and I were having fun today so before long Anthony was back with us answering questions and just being kind. At one point Lori mentioned that she in fact had "that" exact piece in her home and with that magic doors were opened.

Anthony disappeared and came back seconds later and asked if we would care to see the private gallery upstairs. Off we trotted with Anthony up the stairs to what used to be Brittos studio until he moved recently to Wynwood. It is now his office and private studio. The place where he keeps his art and displays his personal artifacts. I love his art, I wish it wasn't quite as commercial as it has become but I love it for it's happy for it's cheerful, for it's fun and for many other reasons too. Seeing his new work with the glitter, the zigzaggy lines as opposed to his signature straight lines, his new black and white work blew my socks off. We hit Anthony with rapid fire questions and he answered every one. I mentioned Lily's love of Romero and how she has tried so hard to meet him and even entered art contests to try that way. He stopped and said, give me your contact information, we can arrange it, Romero loves kids. Oh my gosh, Lily will be thrilled, not in the oh wow a famous artist kind of way but in the oh wow I love your work and you are so talented, kind of way.

We were allowed to take photos...yes we were, in his offices, of his work. It was crazy, so we all snapped away but not too many. We had a fabulous time and then we went back downstairs with the ordinary peeps and some of us did some shopping, for dats, that's what we call dogs that are really cats!  I am waiting until I go back with Lily as apparently he will sign something for her so that will be when I do my shopping.

His personal gallery showing his photos. (even one with HRH Prince charles)
He never ever makes a fuss when he attends all these functions. New photos just appear and the staff say, You just met WHO?
Rosie is a pig in the Chinese zodiac.....I had to photograph this one
We all took photos of this. This is a new piece with glitter but you can't see the glitter, it is in the leaves.
And these...well they speak for themselves!

So much fun. Why don't I have a photo of the 3 of us? Too busy talking! We even arranged to get together again, with and without the girls. Talking of girls I get them all to myself tomorrow. I can't wait.


Love Letters To China said...

Had the best time with you two!! Laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Cannot wait until the next visit. :-)


likeschocolate said...

Love the sandals and the matching toe nail polish! Wohoo!

Valerie Emerle said...

Fab sandals!!!

Vivian M said...

Wow incredible artwork, but your sandals and toes are just as awesome! Miss you gals!


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