27 Jun 2013

She said, WHAT?

Lily approached me earlier looking rather sheepish and coy. She was grinning from ear to ear and said that she needed to tell me something. Since I know that particular face, oh so well, I could hardly wait for her to impart her little gem.

"Mama, Rosie was so funny earlier, she said Daddy looks old but he is old but Mummy isn't old but she looks old. She has curly skin".

My gut reaction was to say, WTF? But of course I didn't. I said, Curly skin, what on earth is curly skin? which was a stupid thing to say to a child. Lily had asked her sister the same question just in case their definition of curly skin differed, it didn't.

WRINKLES Mama, your wrinkles. You have them here and she pointed to my eyes. Rosie also said you have a lot of nipples and they make you look old too.

Now before you choke on your tea and spit it all over your keyboard I don't have an affliction that has made me sprout nipples all willy nilly, Rosie calls moles and freckles, nipples.

This is how my children see me .............................

Look at that curly skin

Hmmm, lots of nipples but I don't see that many curls! Maybe tomorrow I'll try my straigtening iron on my face too.
Next time I see Lily with that coy little face I shall run for cover!


likeschocolate said...

From the mouths of babes! Eiks! I think you look fantasic!

Valerie Emerle said...

Snorty=snort......I'm sorry but the "nipples" got me! I will now go clean up my keyboard! My grandson used to call it "old" skin or "new" skin.

PS Love the self-portrait.

Vivian M said...

you look fabulous....don't worry you will get your revenge when she gets older, lol.


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