26 May 2013

so were we

Just a quick hop skip and jump from our house on the outskirts of the Everglades National Park is this quasi famous produce stand on steroids called, Robert is Here. It has a lovely little history behind it and it is now not so little and has a petting farm, splash pad, collection of old farm equipment that one can peruse and a myriad of other oddball things. It sells wonderful milkshakes and amazing produce, which unfortunately isn't organic and is triple the price of the supermarket for just run of the mill stuff but it also sells stuff that you just don't see at Publix so it is worth the trip.

The girls and i were headed that way today and decided we would make a point of stopping by. Lily and I had milkshakes, Ro doesn't like them so she had some popcorn, Lily also had some of the most disgusting boiled peanuts I have ever seen/tasted in my life and she loved them. We visited the animals and they splashed about in the water for a little bit. We chatted with Robert and the girls managed to wangle a quick trip on his fancy schmancy golf cart, how do they do this stuff?  They also tasted some unusual fruits, some were a little too unusual and were met with wrinkled up noses. Have you ever tasted a Jack Fruit? Don't hurry.

It was a fun and rather reminiscent of an afternoon spent in England. The best part...all though the fruit market of a beehive of activity the rest of the property was relatively deserted.

Old fashioned water pump.
Universal sign for happy....kids, in clothes....+ water.
I think Rosie is splashing her
This photo shocked me. I became very aware of how grown up she looks.
any second now it should squirt
Passion flower
As we got back into the car to leave I realised we had parked in front of this field. How happy are these sunflowers?
So if you happen to be driving south on the Florida turnpike and reach the end, turn right at the light and just keep going. You'll be glad you did.


Andreea Hellen Red said...

Cool,I wish I can do that.. :)

Valerie Emerle said...

You are so right.....I noticed that with the first picture! She looks so tall.

Vivian M said...

That place looks awesome! All the years I lived there, and I never knew it existed, sigh.
Your girls are growing up so fast!


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