4 May 2013

From this, to this

From this,
To this.
For quite some time I have been trying to think of a way to display Lily's swimming medals and ribbons. I have searched the internet and scoured pinterest. If I liked something she didn' and vice versa. A few weeks back I saw a plain old wooden board with some hooks in it and the word, Swimming, stencilled on it. It was nice but not $40 nice. I showed it to Lily and asked her if she wanted to make one. She has badgered me since that day to buy the wood but I kept forgetting.

On Thursday we were coming home from the supermarket and we noticed the handyman working on a fence, I swung the car over and asked him for one of the nasty old fence planks. He gave it to me willingly. We came home and as I unloaded the car of groceries Lily wasted no time and grabbed her tool kit. She checked the specs of the one on the computer and decided to change them slightly and then she set to. She did the whole thing herself with only some guidance from me. I was NOT allowed to help.

Removing the nails
painting with the base coat
Adding the words for the reversed stencil
top colour
removing the stickers
even hangers on the back
ta da. 

Her grandpa taught her how to use power tools when she was over there last summer, or the one before. She is very careful and knows what she is doing. I am really impressed with what she made and now she is going to make one for Rosie too. I am a little concerned that my fence might suddenly fall down as she decides to make more and more of them!


Catherine said...

Way to go Lily! Looks wonderful!

Alyson and Ford said...

So glad she knows how to use tools (I don't think we have even let AA use scissors!, we are behind teaching AA practical handy tool use!). What a great idea, right now we have AA's golf ribbons hanging directly on our walls, not good for the long term. We may have to steal your idea, thanks! Lily is beautiful, talented and practical, congrats on your successful project!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

likeschocolate said...

Way to go! I love it! What a great idea!

Valerie Emerle said...

Love it! I think I see a future "handy-girl" in the making.

Briana's Mom said...

Good job Lily!! That is so awesome!!!

Vivian M said...

That is awesome! I can't even use a hammer.


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