6 May 2013

How does she do that?

This is my BFF's daughter Carolina. If you don't listen to the entire song please, please, please fast forward to the end and listen to the note that she ends on and then listen to the audience go wild. My camera doesn't do her justice but I think you will get the idea.

Last night was her final recital with Miami Childrens Theatre. She was accepted to all but one university that she auditioned for which is not a surprise to me.

Jakie and I were sitting next to each other and Edder was on the other side, none of this noise is from us, these are just other members of the audience that were blown away by her too. She absolutely blows me away every single time I hear her sing.


4D said...

What a talent! Best of luck in her new university endeavours!

Keep smilin!

likeschocolate said...


Valerie Emerle said...

Just beautiful!


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