1 May 2013

Cast off

Tomorrow will mark 7 weeks since Lily broke her arm. Today she finally got to say good bye to her orthopaedic doctor, her casts, her splints and her brace. She is through.

The final xray shows a slight line in the bone but Dr. Cautious said that she is good to go. He told her that she can swim again and has only one restriction, no tackle football. I guess he got to know her quite will over the past 7 weeks!

She doesn't even need P/T. I am so happy that it is all systems go. I think she was starting to get a little crazy.....time to set her free.
Love the dirty looking tan line. Oh you know me so well, yes I did try to wash it, just in case!!
Nasty looking grody thing
It almost looks bruised but alas it is a tan.
If you needme I'll be at the pool. She cannot wait to swim. I actually can't wait to see her.


Valerie Emerle said...

Can't wait to see her swimming & breaking records!

Leah Mei said...

Glad to see her set free and in the pool soon....


Vivian M said...

She will get her even color back in no time at all with her swimming and the Florida weather! Yay no more cast!


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