13 May 2013

celebrating my children

Mothers Day started late for us as both children slept until nearly 8am, this is unheard of. They crept  thundered downstairs and made me breakfast that they then served to me in bed. It was so, so sweet. After we had devoured our food and filled the bed with crumbs we got ready for a little fun. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo.

We spent the day kayaking and having fun on the beach. I can say without hesitation that it was the best Mothers Day ever. We got thoroughly lost in our Kayak even though Lily swears she knew where to go. I will however give her credit for having a better sense of direction than me but she wasn't exactly correct. I handed my oars over to Rosie and let her have a paddle, that in itself was priceless. She and Lily have no concept of paddling in any kind of rhythm so we just sort of shifted positions in the water.

Following our boating for the day we ate lunch and spent the afternoon on the beach. The girls were in awe of the tropical fish and were trying so hard to catch them with their hands. No fish were harmed! I do believe that if fish could laugh they would have been hysterical at the lame efforts of Lily and Rose.

The car journey home was a peaceful one as 2 very tired girls make very little chatter.

We ate our favourite Chinese dinner and loathingly called it a night.

My view, the back of 2 heads. 
paddling fools
I just love that they will try anything.
Big girls
Checking for fishes
Child looks like a dog swimming but actually this was how she fished. Not surprising that she didn't catch anything is it?
Lily takes a calmer approach to fishing
Ice cream and the beach go hand in hand
I just love driftwood.

Now, if you promise to keep a straight face I will share my Mothers day card from Ro.

It's a little out of focus but the part you need to focus on is: Mom's favourite place to go is? Walmart. Walmart. WTH? I am a Target shopper and I don't think I have ever ever been inside a Walmart with Rosie in her life. Even in China we didn't have Walmart it was Carrefour. Lily and I laughed so hard When I put her to bed last night she said, Happy Mothers day Mummy and I am sorry about the Walmart. It's fine little bit, it's just fine, everything else is spot on.

BUT seriously WALMART? You'd have to have been to one in Miami to understand why I find them so so nasty.

Lily made me an origami card, well 2 actually and they pop up and I love them.

Thank you for the best Mothers Day ever.

P.S. if you are visiting the  Florida Keys don't miss Pennekamp there is so much to do and see there and it is a really short drive from Miami.


Valerie Emerle said...

That looks like so much fun.

Me thinks Rosie may have been a little "loud" to catch any fish!

I seriously need that piece of driftwood for my yard!

And lastly did you get your chicken & carrots while shopping in Walmart?
I choked on my coffee on that one!

Vivian M said...

Walmart, huh? Interesting tidbits little ones share.... ;o)

Anonymous said...

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Brandi said...

Hey Dawn! I had to come by after seeing your comment on Sarah's blog(TDC). Your comment made me laugh out loud!! Did you realize how hilarious you are?! LOL!!

Too funny about you're daughter thinking you like Walmart best. I'm a Target girl too. They just built a Walmart Neighborhood Market in my area and I must admit that I'm a little curious to see what that store's all about. Glad you had a glorious Mother's Day. Hope you weekend is great too!!!


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