9 Apr 2013

So this is going to stop her?

Child has a broken arm and it hasn't stopped her from doing anything in fact it has barely slowed her down but now she has a new ailment that is about to put her in dry dock!

Since Thursday she has been back in the pool and since she can only use her legs she is using a kick board for an hour and a half each night. Last night when I came home from work I snuck into her room to kiss her goodnight and thought she had a band aid on her chin. I realised, after closer inspection that it was actually zinc oxide cream.

Come to find out that swimming with a kick board and only one good arm is leading to chafing, lots and lots of chafing, to the point of raw (last night, almost bleeding skin, tonight, bleeding skin). The board sits and rubs across the top of her chest, into the her left armpit and all above her cast and a little bit on the other side too. Oh and the chin, I seriously have no idea how she chafes her chin but she does?? Does she say anything and get out of the pool? Heck no, she waits until the lesson is over and then makes the biggest fuss to her mother as if her mother caused this to happen, on purpose no less. She must have a dreadful mother to do such a thing.

I ran to the sporting goods shop tonight and bought her her own contoured, soft to the touch, kick board with cut-outs before practice tonight but apparently it only helped a little bit. It's a shame really cos it looks "kick arse" but what do I know. It still chafes her chest and armpit.

Tonight when she got out of the pool she looked absolutely drowned and down trodden, she didn't look that bad when she walked up to me with her arm in 2 pieces! She lifted her arm and there it was all raw and nasty.

I took her to the changing room and helped her change and all I had in the swim bag to help was baby talc so I powdered her up and then we went to talk to the boss man. He looked a little grossed out but without hesitation said, Vaseline and along sleeve shirt of this, (pointing to his own shirt) fabric and then she will be fine. DUH! Of course a long sleeve shirt. Thankfully we have just the thing....but I am not sure if it will fit over the freaking cast......It might need one sleeve cutting off and she will HATE that.

When we got home she told me she is so glad she doesn't have to swim tomorrow. It hurts so so much, mummy. If it isn't better by Thursday she doesn't want to swim then either. Holy cow, it must really sting. Poor kid she waited so long to get back in the pool and this is going to bring her down.

I slathered her in zinc and Castor oil cream tonight and it helped a lot but her bed sheets look a tad iffy now.
Who would have thunk!

Just getting started and all appears well
Still no signs of pain
90 minutes later and she isn't giving any hints.
A reprieve.....it must have felt so good
If she wasn't so stubborn....well if she wasn't so stubborn she wouldn't be Lily.

Only 3 or 4 more weeks kidlet. And, you DO NOT have to swim, this is your choice.

P.S. Dear kidlet, if I see one little itty bitty bit of red skin under your suit of armour whenever it is that you swim next, you are OUT of the pool. DONE! And yes I will march my sorry motherly butt over to the pool side and whip you up on deck to inspect you cos that is how I roll because I will not see you endure this and I will not endure this drama again as it is avoidable. So may I suggest that to avoid the Motherly Inspection and the embarrassment that it might cause you that you fess up if it hurts and just call it quits.

PPS. If I didn't love you I wouldn't bother, I would let you chafe until your body parts fell off.

It takes stubborn to know stubborn and child has met her match.


One Happy Mama said...

You can't fight it ... you better embrace it. Face it, your daughter is riven! ~nancy

One Happy Mama said...


likeschocolate said...

Her arm must be pretty bad if she has to wear a cast so long. I think my son wore his like three weeks when he broke it which was way shorter than I had to wear mine as a child (6 weeks). Poor kido! At least she has the disire to do something. My boys are to lazy to swim. I am hoping my little shadow will love to swim.

Valerie Emerle said...

Isn't stubborn wonderful.....here's hoping the long sleeves help.

Vivian M said...

She is definitely your daughter. ;o)
I admire her determination and courage. She has the heart of a champion and will not give up easily. Good luck Mom getting her out of the pool!


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