12 Apr 2013

O.U.T. spells out

She is out of a cast. And into a splint 24/7. Do I need to tell you how very happy this makes one little girl? I didn't think so.

We went to the weekly dog and pony show fully expecting to get another cast because we were told last week that that is what would happen and Dr Miller probed proddded, ummed and ahhed and told her no more casts as long as she promised to wear her splint even when swimming.

That isn't the whole story of how the visit went down. THIS is the whole story and a little background too cos this is me and I like details, love details in fact. The first time we went to this office we loved it. Sometimes you can have a great Doctor but the office staff stinks, you can't get them on the phone, or they aren't nice, just something but this office just rocks. Well with the exception of Little Miss Sunshine. We didn't meet Little Miss Sunshine until our second visit and she removed Lil's cast and somehow managed to hurt her whilst doing so. Lily flinched and LMS told her to stay still in a seriously grouchy voice. I raised an eyebrow but stayed back. When Lily jumped a couple of seconds later it became clear the LMS had just cut her with the scissors as she removed the cast. I said something and LMS ignored me. The cast came off and Lily was in fact bleeding. Yes, blood. We played it down when Belle, the sweet nice nurse came in the room and when the Dr saw it we said it was Ok as it really an accident and it wasn't bad, she wasn't losing her arm. It shocked Lily cos it pinched, over and done with.

The next visit LMS appeared and again and was just as miserable as all get out. Now Lily is a happy little thing and very bubbly so there is no reason for LMS to be so grouchy. As we were leaving I asked the receptionist what her problem is, she said she is preggers and feeling icky. I said that was awful and felt bad for her. The following week she hurt Lily again so  I asked that we not deal with her again. We haven't. Last week after Lil's x-rays she walked Lily to the room where she chooses her cast colours and  said this to her, What colour do you want, black?". When Lily told me that I couldn't stop laughing. She really is grumpy. What 10 year old little girl that is always in pretty dresses etc do you know that would want a BLACK cast? Seriously this girl is weird and just sad.

Yesterday Belle took off the waterproof cast and used the saw. The saws don't in fact saw they vibrate and don't cut the skin. It whizzed through the cast in a nano second because that type of cast is very thin and straight into Lily's arm. Lily leapt about 2 feet into the air. It happened twice and Lily started to get scared. I knew it was hurting but I didn't realise how much until Lily ripped the cast off by herself and revealed a burn on her arm just slightly longer than an inch and another on her hand, much shorter. She looked absolutely panic stricken. i calmed her down and Belle felt awful. I washed her arm which, was not allergic to the waterproof cast and looked fabby, BTW, and the Dr. came on to see her burn.

Doctors are so professional at all times, yay! It really isn't a big deal at all. I think this is when he decided no more cast! Lily had already chosen her cast and it was already to go on the the table. Orange.....Neon.......screaming! He dressed the burns, told me to change it twice a day and keep this cream on it. He gave me a stack of about 25 band aids, which I told him I didn't need as I have a many at home but he insisted and he gave me the splints, 2 of them. He didn't charge us. He gave her 2 splints so that one can get wet. Then when I went to pay for the appointment I was told it was post op so no fee.  I really love this man and all of his staff, well Little Miss Sunshine leaves alot to be desired  and I don't need him being all silly for a little mistake.

We go back again next week and hopefully she starts PT and even more hopefully I can do it for her and it won't be considered a conflict of interests, although I think with Dr. Cautious, it will be. Finally she is on the home stretch.

I failed to take a photo in the office but took one on our way home in the car.

I have no idea why it is so little and grainy. You can see the band aids sticking out of either end of the splint. 
Last night she swam in her shirt and was slathered in Vasel*ne and it worked but she complained that the shirt gave her to much drag. Sheesh kid! Just think how fast you will be when this is all over and done.


Vivian M said...

Wow...maybe the doctor didn't charge so you wouldn't sue for Lily getting hurt?
I am so very glad she is out of the cast! Hoping she can be out of the splint sooner too!

Valerie Emerle said...

I absolutely cannot believe that an office like that doesn't have enough experience in removing casts to let Lily get hurt so many times!! That's crazy! Hope things start to go better now.

One Happy Mama said...

Well, at least she is out of the cast and happy now!! ~nancy


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