13 Apr 2013

Little Stinker

She wanted so badly to swim. No, I mean really swim, with no kickboard. I told her she could have a few minutes and spoke to her coach. He gave her a few minutes.

  Then she was back to kicking but she was not about to beaten by "some" boy! They were all doing Fly and she was right in the thick of it and would not slow down for a second. Her coach, told her that once she is back to swimming with her arms she is going to be a much stronger swimmer, it's just something that happens. I think he is right, especially with her personality.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Poor kiddo!

One Happy Mama said...

She is awesome, I love her determination and drive (even if it's against dr/mom advice). That is a really, really good character quality! ~nancy


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