13 Apr 2013

Dinner....painful dinner.

Rosie is a healthy eater, please don't let that confuse you into thinking she has a healthy appetite cos nothing could be farther from the truth. Kidlet loves fruits, veggies and anything that is good for you. She doesn't like meat, I don't blame her there, and her most favourite meal is one containing pasta of some sort. She doesn't care to stray from her favourite food groups and this has caused much friction in my family.

 Tonight I threw in a curveball when I served chowder. I don't put up with her nonsense, she has to eat what she is given. If she really doesn't like something it can take a while for her to finish it and tonight was one of those nights. None of us were very hungry as we had been to party and they had served a late lunch so soup sufficed for dinner.

AS you can see the table was already cleaned up. We were done and waiting and waiting for her.


Julie said...


Johnny said...

A friend of mine told me that when he was growing up, they had to sit at the table until all the food was eaten. He remembers sitting there for over an hour and he and his sisters dozing at the table. I do agree that kids have to eat what they are served sometimes because they have to adapt, but at some point we excuse our kids...but absolutely nothing else (dessert) to eat later that night. Or if they're hungry, they can only eat the food they refused hours earlier.

Vivian M said...

Hilarious! At least she is smiling, and not throwing a fuss like some other kid who I won't mention does.

One Happy Mama said...

Well, at least that helped her eat the chowder. Seriously cute!! ~nancy

Valerie Emerle said...

Oh one of the "fun" parts of parenting! I think you should video her more often.....she's very cute!!


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