14 Apr 2013

Party like a rock star

Shortly before heading out of the house to go to a birthday party with the girls this morning I asked Lily to please grab me the 2 waivers off of the printer. She wanted to know what they were so I told her that I had just signed 2 forms stating that if either of them got maimed or killed at the party today I wouldn't hold either the hosts or the venue responsible.

Her response, "cool, I love Katie Starr and Ethans parties".

Yep, they set the bar high when it comes to partying like a rock star but at the same time keep it real. Todays venue, Funky Fish Ocean Club, where the kids would learn to Boogie Board and make a tie dye shirt as a party favour.

And after travelling north for 55 mins the kids had the time of their lives in the ocean, boogie boarding. I grabbed my camera and headed to the waters edge to snap away and my camera turned off and required fresh batteries which I failed to bring. I took some shots with my phone but since the little email incident (that I may not have mentioned here) I am not getting great phone camera shots on the blog. ( I know it makes no sense but I can't get into it, it will take hours).

As the kids swam and boogied we talked and relaxed and I got sunburnt knees, yes really I did. How on gods green earth does one sunburn ones knees? It was fabulous, not sunburning the knees, the setting!. I sat perched on the sand in a chair watching the girls and the other children having a child perfect day. I talked to a sweet friend whom I never get to see and the day drifted along without us. H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y.

I would have bet a vast sum of cash that my girls would have fallen asleep on the way home because they didn't stop but luckily I am not the gambling sort as they both stayed wide awake chatting incessantly about the day.

I loved spending the day with these families and my kidlets did too.

The 2 kids in the middle of the photo laying on boogie boards are mine
Rosie, wearing the spotted suit, waiting for a wave
As for the rest of the photos, the cake cutting etc. yeah, i have no idea either. They are currenting lost in cyber hell.

Such a fabulous day was had by all.
Happy 8th birthday Katie Starr.


Valerie Emerle said...

I would love, love, love me some sunburned knees right about now. It has been so gloomy, rainy, windy everything but sun around here this spring!

Love Letters To China said...

Burnt knees??? :-)

I was the worst momma and didn't put enough sunscreen on Nat's face and shoulders. This was the first time she ever had sunburn. Poor thing was itching last night before bed. I told her it was a good lesson learned.

I have to say I really enjoyed chatting with you too. It was so nice watching our girls having such an amazing time playing yesterday. Cannot wait to get together again real soon.



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