7 Apr 2013

Math competition

A couple of weeks ago Lily asked me if she could enter a math bowl at school. Sure, if you want too, was my reply.

Who the heck wants to play math games? Oh that's right, she does.

It wasn't at school, it was at another school, it was one of those interschool math tourney dohickeys again. It wasn't the same one that she participated in last time, this was a different one and the math wasn't as complex in fact this was brain teaser math so it was easier but trickier if that makes sense. No after school practice or anything like that  just be at school at 6.50 am yesterday morning to leave on the 7am bus.

I worked for a couple of hours first thing yesterday so I drove up to the competition when I was done which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I arrived at 11 ish and waited and waited for whatever it was we were waiting for. Some kids disappeared for a while but Lily never went back in. She was in individual testing and relays. Hours slowly ticked by. The kids ate lunch, we talked, we acted goofy, they acted goofy, the teahers were annoyed at all the delays and lack of organisation. Finally we were all called into the gym. We filed in and were greeted by the superintendent of Dade County Schools. I thought it was really nice of him to show up.  It was not a huge event and there certainly were not many people there, not nearly as many as at the other competition so for him to take the time out of his weekend was impressive.

I wasn't sure why we were in the gym but it turned out it was time for more testing. OMG...seriously. I was so bored so was Rosie and 99.9999% of everyone else that was there. Thankfully I had asked both kids to pack a bag the night before and they both had things to do. Lily was passing comics and ipods etc out to her friends and Rosie was just bored beyond reprieve. I had to take Ro to the loo and when we came out the kids were outside. Yay we were done. Wrong! They had to leave as the bus was only booked until then and they had to go. The competition was so disorganised that we were going to miss the end of it. I told the teacher I would stay and whoever could fit in my car could stay too. Obviously she had a commitment to the kids on the bus so she had to leave but one other mum and her son stayed.

We stayed to the very end, not many did. The boy that stayed with us won for individual in his grade, which was fabulous. I am so glad we were there. It was such an anti climax for him though. Everyone scrambled for their awards and then charged out of there so fast. Just wrong. No time for a big fuss. We fussed over him....he deserved it.

Lily didn't win anything. Whoa...what's up with that? LOL. She said she knew she wasn't going to cos she guessed four questons.

The only girl on the team
the teaher on the right is Mrs T. Lilys math teacher. Great teacher, fabulous lady.
the winner

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Valerie Emerle said...

Kudos to Lily....I love that she was the only girl on the team!!!


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