19 Apr 2013

school pictures

This post contains lots of sarcasm. It is me at my finest so if you do not care for sarcasm back away, quickly and QUIETLY. You have been warned.

5th grade, age 10. Forever to be known as the year of the broke arm
Kindergarten. Age 6. The year of the long legs
Twice a year the school does the obligatory photos and on those days the school, that has a mandatory uniform, allows the kids to wear whatever they want. Makes no sense to me either. A few weeks goes by and then they send home the photos and we get to throw our heads back and roar with laughter at the ridiculousness of the photos and then we raise our eyebrows and ask, what the hell was the photographer thinking? I love my girls to bits and always purchase a photo or two to mark the school year passing but seem to purchase less and less as the years go by. This year the package was $70. Are you freaking kidding me? For these crappy pictures, oh and lest you should think that was for both of the girls, WRONG that was per child.

So lets begin dissecting the photos shall we...its' jolly good fun.

 1. What the hell is with the camo background? I truly don't find it very becoming for little girls in dresses or in shorts for that matter.

2. Lily has no eyeballs. Well of course she does just not in the photo. Shouldn't the fauxtog have had her chin pointed up, just a tad?

3. Apparently he/she was more concerned with trying to hide her broken arm. (lily told me he sat her backwards and made her look over her shoulder until she refused) The arm is like the elephant in the room, accept it but the eyes, they would have been nice.

moving on

4. Perhaps Rosie smelled a little funny that morning. She didn't when she left the house but there must be a reason why he shot this picture from so far away? Look at the baseboard in Lil's photo and then is Ro's, notice the size difference?

5. This is picky but the stool is bigger than Rose. Should have used the cushion that the bigger kids used.

6. A generic, tuck in your shirts and fix your hair would have gone a long way. But that isn't really the fauxtogs job. Rosie looks like she just came dashing out of the loo.

Last year when I posted this I got a very snotty defensive comment from a school photographer. Don't worry lovey it's all in humour so puhlease don't get your knickers in a knot this year. I bet you are heads and shoulders about this bunch.

Gotta love em', they are seriously terrible.


Tammie said...

That's a camo background!? I thought someone perhaps had a hissy fit & threw buckets of paint at a wall. Oh well. I do have to wonder what these photographers & the school are thinking of when they choose the backgrounds. If they kids were in uniform, it wouldn't be quite so bad. However, once your child who has been told to wear what he/she wants, any print background is a danger zone.

I do see one of Lily's eyes. As for Rosie, well, maybe no one thought about the tucking of her shirt.

Either way, your girlies are delightful & beautiful to look upon.

Pam said...

I think the pictures came out cute! Especially Lilly's. I also think Rosie's should have been closer up! But how bad could a photo be of two cute girlies?? Hope to c u soon!

Valerie Emerle said...

You are right about the stool versus cushion....the two should have been switched. All the stool did was make Rosie's legs look even longer! However, I just love Rosie's picture....it is so "Rosie"....so what if her shirt isn't tucked in!

On a side note LiLi brought home a picture package from school which happened to be the second time they had had picture day. Mark checked with the teacher because they hadn't ordered any & she said "Oh this is a complimentary package". They gave them to LiLi & only after she had cut them all out did they find out they owed $60!

Vivian M said...

I love school pictures. They are fun to look back on and laugh at. At least they come out nicer than driver's license and passport pictures! ;o)
By the way, I think the girls look lovely, even if they are missing eyeballs and look like they are in a hurry to go to the loo. :o)

One Happy Mama said...

Ha! My girls were "absent" when they took spring pictures. I totally refuse to pay for crappy photos and don't even want anyone taking a craptastic photo of them. Our says it's mandatory and they send them home with you! Not happening here. ~nancy


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