19 Apr 2013

an afternoon worth skipping school for.

Yes you read that title correctly, I pulled the girls out of school early today and wrote in the book, Dr's appt. That was a bunch of old codswallop there wasn't a Dr's appointment at all we were heading off to a cello concerto. Our friend Edder is graduating with his degree in classical music and today was his senior recital. I received an invitation, as did my friend Jakie, so I asked Edder if it would be OK with him if brought the girls. He was thrilled at the idea. He teaches music to children and his main focus is going to be teaching children with special needs.

We have known Edder for years and he is a clown, one of the funniest people you will meet. It always floors me when I see him playing his cello because it truly is the ying side of his personalilty. I really feel that I ought to give a little background on Edder before I share his amazing gift but I feel it is just all too personal so all I will say is that Edder has overcome way to many odds in his life to be where he is and everyone that knows him is incredibly proud of him to see him where he is today. I have no guilt whatsoever about the girls missing a couple of hours of school to see all of this.

The performance started in the recital hall where Edder was accompanied by a phenomenal pianist and then we moved to the fabulous Frost Museum of Art where he was solo. The girls got to experience so much more that they would have done in the classroom today. Coincidentally there was an Asian exhibit which the girls just loved and one of the pieces on display is the same as the piece given to us by Lilys orphanage.

My bestie and Ro.
My camera and I fight in low light
heading upstairs in the art museum.
Lily loved these people.
This first piece is my absolute favourite. He played for 90 mins. The girls were mesmerised and were both surprised that they had such a great time ~their words.

(for those of you that have read the blog for eons, when my friend Jakie had problems with her dogs and they got into the fight it was Edder that came to the rescue, it's always Edder. Well it was Edder that got bittten on the hand....oops! Fortunately he healed great and can still play this beautiful music.) Edder is the go to guy. Thank you so very much for the invitation. You were amazing. Bravo Edder, bravo.


Briana's Mom said...

He is so talented! Just beautiful! Doug's brother also plays the cello. Such a beautiful instrument. I'd check Briana out of school for that - for sure!

Vivian M said...

Bravo Edder!!!!

Valerie Emerle said...

Just beautiful....I love classical music. Actually any kind of music. How wonderful he is going to teach music to special need kids.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

What a perfect activity to skip chocolate for!


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