27 Apr 2013

Oh yes I do.

We went to lunch today with the girls Goo Goo or as I call her Chicken Feet. We of course went to a Chinese restaurant and she of course ordered off  menu before we even got there. I think I ate the best Chinese food that I have ever had and judging by the amount of times the girls were heard asking for more I think they might agree. We eat at this restaurant all the time but I never order from the "Chinese" side only the American Chinese side of the menu. Lee me say, those days are gone.

I don't ever think I have seen either one of the girls eat quite so much before. As Chicken Feet would serve something to Rosie she would say, I don't like that, it is her standard line but I don't listen, EVER. I always tell her to try it, with each taste she would say, Oh yes I do. The only thing she didn't really like were the Singapore Noodles because of the curry but she ate quite a lot of them anyway. I actually feel a bit guilty that we don't eat more Chinese food as they are after all Chinese and I know that they love it. Heck I don't even make rice cos I can't stand the stuff so on the odd occasion that we order food and it comes with rice they go hog wild. That's terrible, I deprive my Asian kids of something they love and I believe crave.

Yes I am aware that they left China at a very young age but believe me, it is innate. They love authentic Chinese food and would woof it down like a dog if it were permissible. Since I don't think I will ever manage to replicate it in the kitchen I will just have to make visiting Silver Palace a regular occurence.

 Hah, Daddy/Grandpa, you wouldn't have believed your eyes.

Chopsticks and a fork. 
Nice manners Missy.
Even Rosie had plate after plate
Rosei adn her Goo Goo
Happy girls with full tummies
We really did have so much fun and then we came home and Lily and I tackled the problem of the ageing front door. It took us three, yes sadly, three trips to the hardware store but we got it right in the end and now I no longer need a new front door. I didn't all along I just thought I did. I needed weather stripping, the big rubbery kind. We had a great time ripping the old stuff out but not such a great time finding the replacement. Yeah, probably should have got it first but I thought we had but it wasn't thick enough. Suddenly the gaps around my door were big enough to let a hippo wander in not just a lizard.

No worries it is done now and tighter than a you know what!


Andie said...

Singapore noodles are my favourite, and Richard's, wish I was there. Can't get Chinese food where I live now, good job we had a Chinese nurse who loves to cook!

Valerie Emerle said...

You are so right about them wanting to eat things like rice & noodles. LiLi will always order rice or noodles when given a chance. Love that last pic....so cute!

Valerie Emerle said...

Oh I forgot....congrats on being "Mrs Fix-it"

Leah Mei said...

That looks amazing! Where is that restaurant?

Briana's Mom said...

Oh my goodness that food looks delicious! Wish I could go there!

likeschocolate said...

Ok, who is goo goo? The food looks amazing? I have to say I am not a big fan of rice with children because it usually ends up all over the floor.

dawn said...

Goo Goo is a very close family friend.

Vivian M said...

Yes it is true...Kerri loves steamed plain white rice. She has always been a noodle and rice girl, and loves the authentic Chinese (the spicier the better!) dishes. We were lucky enough to go to China and eat authentic Chinese food, and now we try to get it here as often as possible (instead of the more Westernized restaurant style).
So glad you fixed your door (I don't miss lizards, yuck!).


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