25 Apr 2013

Little Swimmer

Seems that the littlest member of this household has taken a back seat on the blog since the second littlest member broke her arm.

Tonight I took the camera to the pool. She has finally traded her core suit for a competition suit since the temps have been in the 80's for the past month and the pool is getting warmer. She swims so much faster now without all that drag.

in the zone
I just love this shot
oops, a collision
I have no idea what is with that expression. Perhaps she was lost.
Her favourite stroke, backstroke.
Most people are barely getting a taste of spring and we have gone straight into summer, seems to happen every year. It was brutal here today, just brutal. I NEED TO MOVE TO A COLDER CLIMATE.


Valerie Emerle said...

I think that's what will happen here....we will go from winter to summer overnight! Maybe we can trade a couple of our stinkin cold days for one of your warm ones?

Vivian M said...

She swims like a superstar! It is still cold here, feel free to move to Canada!

likeschocolate said...

It just makes me so happy to see how much they love swimming. Sorry it was so hot today. It was on the chilly side today.


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