17 Mar 2013

On the upswing

From the moment she woke up today Lily was more like her usual self and wanted to know what we were going to do. Any plans of laying low and keeping her at home were quickly put to rest and we headed out. I decided that she wasn't going to be kept down so I might as well let her loose but keep a close eye on her.

I took them to the childrens museum.

Most people wouldn't have done this.

I probably won't do it again if in the same situation.

She found every conceivable way to inflict possible harm upon herself.

She was back to her old tricks.

At one point I turned my back on her for a nano second to tend to Rosie and turned back to find her hanging on the monkey bars......truth. (she was only using one hand so it wasn't as if she was going to be able to go anywhere...unless I just busted her in time!)

She said that her arm wasn't hurting as much today and that she felt much better....ya think?

Child makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time.

Even Rosie was heard saying, Lily do you think that is a good idea, a few times.

So glad to see these 2 up to their antics again.
Row row row your boat
Being flattened by her sister in the loading dock
Funny little astronaut
Mummy I WON'T fall
Spinning really really fast......and then she fell off. Oh yes she did.
Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Once that arm actually has a protective covering on it I won't worry about it, quite as much. I am glad she is feeling like herself again. She still gets frustrated with certain things that are impossible. Today we found a great way to actually wash her hand under running water and she loved it. Kids bounce back so fast and now that the pain is subsiding all is well in her world again.


Vivian M said...

Me thinks you worry too much - looks like they had a lot of fun!

colin said...

glad she is perkier. Love the thing T.shirts.bbxx


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