17 Mar 2013

Broken Lily

As much as Lily is still fiercely independent she is having an extremely difficult time with her broken arm.  yesterday I saw a very sad quiet child, one that I rarely see and it was so sad. I know she is still in pain and since she is so tough her pain level was probably one that would have bought most kids to their knees. She however said she didn't want Motrin, that it was manageable.

She also said she didn't want to go anywhere, just stay home. I was happy with this decision since she is such a klutz. As the day wore on I could see her getting more and more fed up and frustrated as the slightest task became so frustrating. We headed to Yogurtland for a frozen treat. Even that proved annoying as she couldn't hold the cup and it kept sliding across the table as she was trying to get the frozen goodness on her spoon. I held it as she ate and things improved. We left in better spirits, thank goodness. I don't ask her if she wants help, I just do it. Lily never, wants help.

Once she gets her permanent cast and knows what the plan of action is going to be I know she will feel a whole lot better. As of now she has no idea whether she will be able to have a waterproof cast so that she can continue to swim ( in a couple of weeks) or whether this break requires an ordinary one, not all breaks can have the waterproof liners. We meet with the ortho on Monday morning, bright and early.

Last night after Rosie was in bed her and I played board games together and ended up getting into a giggling fit which appears to have helped lift her spirits back to her nrom. This morning she is back to Lily and is even rolling on the floor watching cartoons...eeek. But if it doesn't hurt...oh well. She only has a splint at the moment. It's made of Plaster of Paris but only around 3/4's of the arm. The place where the actual break is is open and covered with bandages so that it can swell. This is my concern with her being careful........Lily and graceful, not so much.

Oh and this is just a quick note bought to you by OCD, germ phobe mum: the fact that she cannot wash her left hand properly for the entire time it is in a cast is utterly revolting. Just saying.
When Dr. M. cuts this cast off on Monday morning I can assure you he is washing that hand before he puts the new cast on! Oh hell yes he is.

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Andie said...

Glad to see Lily is feeling better again, I have never heard of waterproof casts, how the other half live! Hope she gets one anyway, if only so that she can wash her hand!


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