18 Mar 2013

meet monkey

In my head I knew exactly how todays appointment with the ortho was going to unfold. He would take a couple of x-rays, they always like to do their own, say things were looking good, slap on a waterproof cast to below the elbow and tell us to come back in 3 weeks for a re-check. I just knew it.

I was not expecting to find out that he is 99.9% positive that she has 2 broken bones. I was not expecting to hear that the other bone is the scaphoid bone, which is the nastiest of all bones in the wrist to break albeit the most common. 3 of his 4 x-rays showed "something" on the scaphoid.

"Scaphoid fractures are known to have unpredictable healing. This is due to the unique anatomy of the scaphoid itself. The fracture often cuts off normal blood circulation to pieces of the bone. Also, one set of wrist bones (yellow) attached to one end of the bone pull in different directions than others (white) attached to the other end of the bone, pulling so strongly that it may not be possible to hold them together with any type of cast. For this reason, these fractures may heal slowly (delayed union) or not at all (nonunion)." Oh joy

I have to take her for an MRI on Thursday morning, well first we have to zoom back to the ortho's office have the cast cut off, have her arm taped, zoom over to the MRI place and get that done, then in the afternoon go back to the ortho's office to find out the results and get the appropriate cast put on. He is leaving town on Friday and doesn't want to go without finding out what's going on with Lily. At present Lily's cast is even bigger than the one she had put on in the ER as it covers her thumb now too. No school for Lily on Thursday so her Spring Break will start a day early. 

If she does have a fracture of her scaphoid she will be in this type of cast for 10 weeks but hopefully, fingers crossed, she doesn't and she will have her thumb back out and the cast will go up to her shoulder and she will wear that for 3 weeks then he will replace it with one that goes up to her elbow and is waterproof so that she can go back to swimming. 

On a very positive note, the new xrays today showed a marked improvement in the break in the radius. The bone is broken straight across, clean from one side to the other, but the difference today from Thursday is amazing. It is hard to even see a really clear break now whereas on Thusday night is was really obvious.There is still loads of swelling on the bone and it looks deformed but the actual break looks great. 

And so I introduce to you, Monkey. Child no longer has an opposable thumb, therefore she has earned the moniker, Monkey.

Monkey gets her cast.
Happy girl monkey

and all the way across the pond in the UK it turns out Nannis might be joing the club of people with broken bones. She is waiting to hear if she has a broken ankle, for heavens sake. Hop on a plane Nannis, I'll take care of you I'm getting good at this cast business.


Jeanne said...

Thanks for the offer, but I am sure your hands are full. Poor Little Monkey, hoping you get positive news on Thursday, sending loads of good vibes. xxx

Valerie Emerle said...

Do you really think this is going to hold her back? I don't think so....once a monkey always a monkey!

My middle child broke his leg when he was 3 years old. Refused to walk even tho he had a walking cast! Wore out 3 of them because he would scoot around on his bum! After 3 weeks decided he would walk & managed to wear out another cast before his leg healed!

Vivian M said...

You guys do everything big in the south...including casts, sheesh!
Hoping this does not slow her down or damper her Spring Break, and that Nanis gets better soon too. Time to buy a good luck charm!

Alyson and Ford said...

She is the most beautiful monkey!! Maybe this will be the opportunity to explore new means of entertainment.... (let us know if you do find anything new and fun to do while in monkey mode!). Hope she heals perfectly. Good luck!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Trish said...

Just catching up from what you told me, hang in there things always work out somehow, someway. I don't think you did anything wrong, you just go girl and keep doing what you do!!!!! Lots of hugs, Trish


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