23 Mar 2013

everyone stopped for tea.

Months ago my friend Kelly asked me if I wanted to take the girls to the American Girl bistro for tea. I said sure, it would be nice. She then said the earliest possible reservation was at the end of March, I think it was in December when she asked.

We have had lunch at the AG store in Boston and I have to say it was really good, surprisingly so for a doll shop. Tea was just as lovely and well presented and sharing the occasion with friends made it even more enjoyable. One of our friends has 3 boys and never has the opportunity to venture in so Kelly invited her along too, she needs to get her girl on every now and again.

It's so very pink in there
the gang
the girls all brought their dolls, Julia brought 3
Gah....dolls everywhere
tea, all the food was based on the dolls. Those orange slices on the top, filled with Jello were disgusting.
She is so photogenic.
After tea Lily did a little shopping as she still had some money left over from Christmas. Rosie was kicking herself for spending hers all at once. Live and learn little one, live and learn.


Briana's Mom said...

Bri loves visiting the American Girl store! And the tea is so fun!

Looks like a great time!

Jeanne said...

Where were the scones with fresh cream and strawberry jam?

Vivian M said...

Who was the lady in the striped shirt? She looks so familiar....


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