24 Mar 2013

Would you rather

There is a kids game called, Would You Rather, it offers you hypothetical situations and you have to decide which you would rather deal with.

I have one for you:

Would you rather wear the same undies for 2 days in a row or take your kids to the Dade County Youth Fair?

Yeah, it's a tough one isn't it? Really freaking tough. I am a complete clean freak and let me tell you I am tempted next year to go for the second option, no kidding. I hate the youth fair with a passion and today I spent 5 hours with my little darlings. Oh and if the crowds, noise, 3 armed toothless carnies, over priced rides and disgusting food weren't enough, it was 89 degrees. Yucko.

Every single year when I was a little girl my dad used to take me to the local fair, I wonder if he hated it as much as I do now? He always rode the rides with me, won me a goldfish, and we ended the night with a candy apple or candy floss. How I loved it. It was a minuscule event and compared to what I dealt with today could be covered in about thirty minutes and that was if you rode every ride. Every single year without fail we would go.

 I didn't think for a moment that Lily would be able to ride any rides because of her cast but the fine folk at guest services assured her that she could. Every now and again a particularly astute ride commando would turn her away but for the most part she had free reign. Her doctor told her on Thursday that her arm is protected and safe inside her cast so she is free to have fun. He mentioned it after I mentioned that she fell down the stairs the other day. KLUTZ She hasn't fallen down the stairs since she was 4 but she did the other day and came flying down with her arm in the air yeling, arghhhhhh.

I took my camera with me today but didn't feel the slightest bit compelled to remove it from my purse. All I could think was, keep smiling, keep smiling, don't let them see you sweat, if they see your weak side they will kill you.

We were in a fabulously cold air conditioned hall and I remembered my camera
Rosie adored this ride and wanted to ride over and over again
Yes, it is blurred. Lily shot off the side at the bottom!
Next year somehow I am leaving town or living in a bunker underground, anything so that we don't have to attend. Mustthinkofanexcusenow


Briana's Mom said...

Wow! I went to the Youth Fair as a kid! I forgot the time of year it came every year. Fairs are no fun in the heat!

Vivian M said...

LOL, what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger. And I am very proud of you!


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