22 Mar 2013

No news is good news

Yesterday was so chaotic that when I finally stopped running around at 11.45 last night I took one look at the computer and poked my tongue out at it. I just didn't have it in me to update on Lily's appointment.

She had her MRI done at some ungodly hour and it was marked very clearly STAT so that the results would be sent to the ortho in time for her afternoon appointment but the radiologist was not in yesterday so it might just have well been marked SQUAT cos the results were not sent.

Never mind!

She saw her ortho anyway and he took yet more x-rays. The man who wouldn't even discuss waterproof casts and swimming with her on Monday, after seeing the newest x-rays, told her that barring anything funky showing up on her MRI, she can get back in the pool next week. Her bones are back together and looking good now they just need to heal. AMAZING. Even Dr M was a little surprised. We all know that kids heal fast but this is one week and the radius was in 2 pieces and now it is in one piece again. Lots of rest, a healthy diet and exercise, hmmm must be something to it.

He was given no choice than to put another enormous cast back on and await the MRI results. I can ring the office and find out the results but it won't make any difference she won't get a smaller cast until Thursday so I'll wait and if the news is bad, well I'd rather not be the one to tell her.

I had to laugh yesterday at how many 10 year old girls were in the office with broken hands, fingers, wrists and arms. And not one boy, nope, not one! Of course only one had a cast from her shoulder to her thumb all the others had dainty little things barely passing their wrists. 10 appears to be the magical age for breaking things.

Getting the cast cut off, she looks a little scared
zipped right through it

Since her whole day was comprised of running from one appointment to the next and her cast was removed at 8am and she wasn't re-cast until 2pm I chose to let her skip school. It was the last day before Easter break. We spent a really fun day together and after the MRI we went to a lovely French bakery and I let her choose herself a treat. I had to laugh at her misfortune when she tried to eat it. She had the Tiramisu in one hand, the good one, and she plucked a chocolate decoration out with the other but couldn't get it into her mouth.

All is well here.
insert evil laugh !

As with most things she has taken in all into her stride and the idea of being back in the pool next week has jostled her along. Not sure what we are going to do next week for Spring Break...no bikes, no beach, no sand in the cast.... no no that would be awful. Ummm. suggestions would be handy.


Vivian M said...

How about a trip to Orlando? There are so many attractions to choose from. Or have her write ideas of what she wants to do and put them in a bowl and randomly pick one out per day...could include movies, museums, shopping, visit a friend, etc....

Valerie Emerle said...

Here's hoping Tues brings good news!


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