14 Mar 2013

Break a leg Lily

Or make it an arm!

Today was such a whirlwind of a day I think my head will spin for months. I woke up with a massive migraine but knew that come hell or high water I had to get rid of it as I was chaperoning Rosies class on a field trip. 3 flipping prescriptions later and I pulled that off without a hitch. (don't judge)

I picked Lily up from school and she told me really REALLY needed to talk to me but not with Rosie around.  More on this later. But half of her grade was suspended for sexting. (Shoot me now.)

We got home and the long awaited letter from the magnet school was in the mail box.....and it was THICK!!!! Yes, she is in! (woot woot.)

We rushed through homework and dinner and headed to the pool. Rosie turned blue so I fished her out and got her changed while Lily was still at "Dryland". Dryland is training that they do on land as opposed to in the water. They were out on the track doing basic training. Rosie had just settled down and was ready for her snack when Lily reappeared and I was about to tell her to get moving and get changed when I realised something was horribley wrong. Horribley, horribley, wrong. She was in tears and clutching her left arm/wrist. lily in tears over pain is a huge red flag, Lily in tears in front of friends is a huge red flag, Lily in tears ever is a huge red flag.

Me: What happened?
Lily: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow sniff sniff, snort
Me: (gently guiding her away from the milling friends) What happened and what hurts? Then I looked down and saw her hand and knew instantly that something was broken. The angle of the hand, the size of her wrist and the size of her fingers.

She was running backwards, tripped and fell down. That simple. Done!

Her coach appeared, yes that one. He said she was laughing a minute ago he thought she was OK. I said well I thought it was broken, he said he didn't. He was being caring not snotty. (Sheesh, now I feel like I have to explain everything so freaking carefully) I told her to come with me. We went over to the boss man and I said we won't be swimming we are heading to the ER. He looked and said Yes go. I think it is sprained. He looked at it asked her to move it and she couldn't.

Every bump in the car made her groan. She complained her fingers were numb. Now I was 99.9% sure it was broken. I love our local hopsitals pediatric ER. They are like lightening there. Within a few minutes we were in triage and she was in a sling with an ice pack. A short time later she was with the Dr., given loopy juice for pain and heading to X-ray.

She fractured the radius of her left arm. She has a temporary cast and we have to go an ortho for a "real" cast ASAP. Tomorrow is Friday so I seriously doubt it will happen before the weekend. I will pull a few strings in the morning and see if I can cash in a few favours. The tylenol with codiene made her loopy, really loopy. She is feeling no pain tonight and I hope it stays that way so that she can sleep.

I happened to still have my camera in my bag from the field trip so I snapped away.

Still in pain here and waiting for x-rays
Oh good grief the loopy juice has kicked in.
Rosie was so upset that Lily was broken. This was a very rare smile
The kindest giant put on her cast. He was so big yet so gentle
nearly done
woo hoo look at me! Dang that thing is huge!

She is pretty helpless at the moment. Trying to do things with one hand isn't easy but thankfully she is right handed and broke her left! I am too tired to proof read this tonight so just pretend you can't see them.....thank you.


Briana's Mom said...

Poor thing! Broken arms are not fun!

I broke my left wrist when I was in the 6th grade. Unfortunately, I am left handed. But I lived. And I was going to the same school Lily does. :)

Except in my case, a boy in my neighborhood was trying to pretend to hit me with his bike (by swerving around me really fast) - he finally hit me by accident and I landed on my wrist. So painful!

Vivian M said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to Lily...and hoping she can get in to see the ortho ASAP.
I still think you need a new coach, no matter how caring he is - he obviously is pretty clueless.

Valerie Emerle said...

Oh com'on....what's wrong with that coach. Sending good thoughts your way!

PS...I'm also such a ditz. I forgot that now you are private I won't get auto up-dates!


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