13 Mar 2013

Timing is everything.

I remember when Lily was about 4 she went through a faze where she was convinced that there were monsters in her bedroom at bedtime. Each and every night the room had to be sprayed with Monster Spray, closets had to be checked, under the bed had to be checked, behind the door had to be checked and all drawers and doors had to be closed, tight. She still makes sure all doors and drawers are closed tight but doesn't let it on whether it's because of monsters or not.

Now Rosie has entered in to a similiar faze. Rosie has become fearful at night because she is worried that someone is going to come into the house and steal her. (not so irrational in this terrifying age in which we live) Last night as we walked up to bed we nearly made it to the top of the stairs before she started playing for time. So I sat her down and we talked. We talked about being safe, about all the locks on the windows and doors, about alarm systems about me being a super hero ( well I am not going to let her be scared!) and on and on.

Thankfully she got into her bed without any fuss and snuggled down. I really don't like the thought of the girls going to sleep worried or upset so I will do anything to avoid this. I remember vividly as a child being scared of the dark and having dreams that scared the life out of me. I know it is a normal faze but it doesn't mean I want them to lie in bed with their hearts beating out of their chests, that is a horrible feeling.

Just as I was about to kiss Ro goodnight a helicopter flew over and a few seconds later it whirled around again. Rosie asked me what it was and I had no choice but to tell her, it's a police helicopter. Her eyes got really big and she looked scared to death. Talk about bad timing!!!!

Living in a big city we get police helicopters quite often and the girls know exactly what they are. They don't always mean there is a bad guy on the loose, just sometimes. Her face was priceless. All I could think of was a photo that a friend of mine had posted earlier in the day and I started to laugh, I just couldn't stop. Rosie was not amused. Luckily I was able to calm her back down and all was well in her world and she dozed off to sleep peacefully.

Her little face when she found out it was a police helicopter reminded me of this...... and that is why I couldn't stop laughing. Hopefully this faze will pass quickly and she will go back to having calm and peaceful bedtimes.

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colin said...

Hi Dawn. It could have been air sea rescue or a flying ambulance!
Unless of course you do not have such things over there. Anyway love to you all. Will get skyped up once we have new speakers that connect to the commputer without humming loudly.bb.xx


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