12 Jan 2013


When Lily has a sleep over it is only considered fair, in a certain little sisters eyes, that she gets to have a play date.

I might not necessarily agree with her idea of "play". It was a bit chilly today.
Playing lasso with the hosepipe. Sadly the windows reflected my hands. I wasn't going anywhere near that cold cold water.
The water lasso really got going
Hmmm, washing her friends feet after her friend washed her everything. 
dry clothes and a quick spin down the road
Cami pulling a really weird face. She's concentrating on some patterns they were making each other do.
Lily and Paula stayed in the house, they were rather low key. Turns out it was yet another unsleepover. Lily was asleep tonight at 7.30 bwa ha ha ha. We didn't get home until 7.19. I think she had a great time.


val said...

Fun in the sun.....I'm jealous!!

Vivian M said...

What Val said...it is in the 30s today!


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