10 Jan 2013

I am my Fathers daughter

This morning I woke up shortly after 5 to the sound of running water. I knew it was coming from the air conditioning cupboard and for a moment my heart sped up and my stomach did little flips. I then decided to be rational and told myself that gushing sound had always been there but I had just never heard it before.

I got out of bed and discovered water cascading, yes cascading down the wall, and ran and grabbed some towels while swearing under my breath. This is not meant to happen. This unit is fitted with a kill switch which will turn it off if it starts to back up. I flicked the unit off and the water stopped. I disconnected a pipe and blew into it. You don't want to know what happened next! The water tasted like cr*p.

I took the kids to school, headed to work and on the way home I stopped at Home Depot for a Wet Dry Vac. I figured nothing else would happen while I was gone.

I am not sure how much it costs for an A/C service call now but it only cost me $29 for the vac and my A/C is fixed and chugging along merrily. The snot ball that got blown clear across the garden was enough to gag a maggot but at least I know the problem is solved.

My father would be proud of me. He fixes anything himself and I always like to take a stab at things myself before calling in the pros. I had this problem many years ago and watched the chap do the exact same thing so I knew it was worth a shot.

Cha Ching......I think I'll spend the money saved on some shoes.


Leah Mei said...

Awesome! Great job! BUT!!!!Did you drink the a/c water my friend?

Catherine said...

You rock!! I'd have been skyping daddy to help with the problem.

val said...

You run girl to the nearest shoe store.....you deserve it! I'm with you on paying someone else...most repair stuff is common sense.

Pam said...

You go girl!

Vivian M said...

You are going to have a closet full of shoes with the money you saved! By the way, spray some Windex on the coils and buy some a/c tablets at the do it yourself store to stop any jelly like crud from forming and blocking the pipe. Learned that from my a/c guy in Fla.

Alyson and Ford said...

Congrats! You are a brave soul; a true pro! Have fun shopping for the new shoes! Wish I could go with you!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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