8 Jan 2013

Notice anything?

what is different?
Yes, indeed. She has glasses
BUT  they are not prescription glasses, oh no. They are fake glasses, uh huh. Weirdo Child has had an obsession with glasses for quite a while and started, a couple of weeks ago, wearing sunglasses all the time and I mean all the time. She was wearing them 24/7. I was worried that they would hurt her eyes and was also worried that she would fall down the stairs as some of the pairs that she wore had really black lenses in. Things only got worse when she got her American Girl doll and hooked her up with a pair of specs also. In Rosies mind everyone in her family wears glasses apart from her.

I went online and found fake glasses for kids and got her some. Weirdo Child thought she had won the lotto. Talk about the best gift ever!

So now the little fruit cake has her very own glasses and feels like she fits right in!
It's so very hard not to giggle at that face.


likeschocolate said...

Too funny! My 10 year old has been wearing sun glasses too! He thinks he is cool. He also pops the collars on his shirts!

val said...

She is so dang cute! Remember when you were growing you got called "four eyes" if you wore glasses?

Vivian M said...

She looks so happy!


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