4 Jan 2013


For the first time ever I am away from the girls. They are on a four day vacation with their father and as much as I always thought it would be pretty darned amazing to have a tiny Mummy vacation I can honestly say it suckety suck suck sucks. I have only ever been away from Lily for one night and never been away from Rosie.

As he drove away with them Rosie was in tears, no surprise and Lily was yelling, I'm going to miss you so much Mama. Urrgh. Tear my heart out, why don't you?

I came in the house and made a list of all things I was going to clean and organise and immediately set too. That was Wednesday morning at 11.30. By noon I was over that and feeling quite blue so I picked up the phone and called a friend. I haven't really been home much since. It's too quiet here and way too clean. No toys everywhere and no bickering, no laundry to be done and no cooking, no drinks being spilled, well you get the picture. Thankfully when I am home my wonderful family have been skyping me non stop to check on me.

Last night I was still awake at 3:40am......groan. The kids didn't call before they went to bed, their dad turned off his phone and his lap top and and since I am not sure where they are staying exactly I couldn't call them. I then decided something must have happened to them and couldn't sleep. Yes, I am aware that is was ridiculous but by now you should know that my middle name is, worry.

I have made the most of my time alone but haven't liked it much. I feel sort of MoJo-less. They come back tomorrow and it can't come soon enough.


val said...

I can only imagine....it is very obvious your kids are your life from the way you write about them.

likeschocolate said...

Sorry you have to be alone! No fun! The good thing is they are coming back. I can loan you a few for a day or two. Love to go get my nails done or go to dentist without having to look for a babysitter.

Mari said...

Have I told you lately how much I simply adore and love you and what an amazing, super duper, fantastic mom you are?!! <3
It will get easier, eventually... for now, just breathe, count to 10, sing a silly song, twirl 10 times around till you get dizzy, fall down, laugh it out and keep going. Time goes by faster that way ;) <3 luv u

Kathy said...

Have missed your blogging. Really look forward to reading about what you and the girls are up to. The adventure to NYC was so awesome. Hope they made it home safe and sound and can't wait to see your next post. Thanks for sharing.


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