1 Jan 2013

Fresh and new.

Last night the girls and I rang in the New Year here at home. We had fireworks, fancy food, noise makers, hats and bubbly, theirs was sans alcohol, oh wait, so was mine! I asked the girls if they wanted to get dressed up. Lily immediately took off into her closet and came out eons later and Rosie dashed off, threw on her favourite shirt, red leggings, a couple of necklaces, appeared 2 minutes later and declared herself a diva.

Oh my!
She knows what she likes and she doesn't like dresses.
This one on the other hand, can't stand anything BUT dresses.
My girls

A fresh new year, what could be better?

I love to wake up on the first of the year and just stay very still, pondering all my dreams for the upcoming months. Some of them are ridiculous and some of them realistic but either way it is always nice to look ahead at the road yet to be travelled. The girls and I have are facing some big hurdles in the next few weeks and I know that we can get through it all but it isn't going to be fun. Allowing myself to look beyond the immediate and into the future helps to jockey me along. But, I can do anything!

This time last year I decided that I was going to post on my blog every single day for a whole year. Due to my, "I can do that" personality, I did but it was so hard and I have noticed that my blog has suffered. there is nothing of substance on it just a bunch of crap. This year I am returning to posting when I feel like it and I must say that I will enjoy it so much more now that the self-imposed pressure is gone. {phew}

So here is to a year that will bring peace, calm and happiness, health, healing and love.
Happy 2013


Pam said...

Hope the new year brings the BEST of everything to you and the girls!! See you next week!

Polar Bear said...

I'll miss your daily posts, but I completely understand. I can't ever seem to post.

Have a wonderful 2013!

val said...

Good luck with everything & you are right....you can can do anything you put your mind to!

Briana's Mom said...

Sounds like a perfect NYE to me! Love the girls' outfits. Bri would love Lily's dress. She is ALL about dresses too!


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