7 Dec 2012

Kindergarten Field trip.

When Rosie's teacher asked me if I was interested in chaperoning the class field trips I nearly knocked her over with my enthusiasm and wasted no time making sure she had my volunteer number. Today I, along with 50 million decibels of kindergarten liveliness, boarded a bus headed to the Little Farm.

I think it was the best field trip ever. Mrs Valle told me on Tuesday that she wasn't going to be here but the substitute that was filling in was wonderful. Well if we couldn't have Ms. V this lady was definitely the next best thing. One of the mums was super bossy and we were all appalled by her and frankly done with her but it kept things real and very funny. At one point we considered heading for the bus and not telling her.

This "Little Farm" really isn't so little. The kids got to touch all sorts of birds, ride horses, milk goats, feed goats, see and pet a sheep and cow, see pigs, march through butterfly gardens, and heaven knows what else. They went hog wild! Many of the farms down here are kind of Foochy, (that's my made up word for dirty and gross) with the animals in bad shape but the Little Farm is really nice.

This was no small chicken but this rooster was massive
Anyone for a quick game of duck duck goose?
THe kids loved their ride, every one of htem
One squeeze and move on. That was Rosies squeeze
Midred, and she was scared to death.
Rosie was one of about 6 kids who didn't run away from the goats.
I had taken Lily to this farm many years ago but had forgotten all about it. I am so glad I went today and will take Rosie back again.


likeschocolate said...

What a great day! Happy Weekend!

val said...

Those kiddies are so cute.....oh the joys of field trips!

Tammie said...

Looks like a super fun field trip!

Vivian M said...

Oh what fun....and to think it is freezing cold here. :o)


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