8 Dec 2012

Another swim meet.

Someone better take my temperature and check that I am okay because Lily had another swim meet today and I actually looked forward to it and had a great time the whole time I was there. Now that I know what to expect, know what to do, what to take and generally understand the lay of the land they are great fun. Yes, yes, I really did write that. I could do without the 5am wake up call but never mind, I can sleep when I'm dead.

Since there are so many different races in so many different courses she is still accumulating her times so yet again today she had nothing to beat except for her fly time. Oh and I found out today that once she turns 11 all these times will be voided...gah, and she'll start all over again, yes, really.

As usual we left the house at O.dark.hundred.hours with smiley little faces singing loudly and out of tune to songs on the radio. We arrived really early and helped set up our teams little camp, then it was time to get a heat sheet and mark off Lilys heats. A few minutes later it was 7.30 and coach wanted them in the pool for warm-ups. Lily told me today that she hates warm-ups as there are so many kids in the pool that you frequently get kicked in the face and other body parts. Not Nice!

early, early this morning as some of her team mates started to arrive
Rosie's camp
Warm up. AKA swim cap soup
Once warm ups were over it was just a matter of minutes until Lily swam. Even though she won a ribbon for her fly at the last meet she still starts first in this group, weird huh? Her time today was worse than before. She really choked........but I got an amazing photo.

Fly baby fly.
Her next race was the 100m breaststroke and she came in second
She is zoned here.

Her 3rd race was the 50m which she won....oh yes she did.
I love this photo. She looks like a wind up toy.
Her final event for the day was an IM. She has never done one before. I had no idea how she would remember the correct order and decided to not even ask her about it and just let her do her thing. It paid off as she came in 2nd again. I videoed it which I realised was a daft thing to do as I couldn't actually watch and run the camera so every now and again the camera drifts off to parts unknown as I watch her and not what I am doing. As you will hear from the video, Rosie is Lil's biggest supporter. I think it is adorable. I'm a bit loud too....I shall tone it down or my Father will be complaining about how I hover.
If you look closely at her left arm you can see her "cheat sheet". All her heat numbers and lane numbers so that she cannot screw up. Some swimmers write even more details than that on themselves. 

Thankfully her first race didn't set the pace for the day and she ended up having great times. I love meets at this pool as they are really well organised.
 Her times for today were:

100m Fly.           140.81
100m Breast      143.88
50m Free              37.65
100m IM            131.53


Pam said...

Way to go Lily! Love the pictures!

val said...

Yikes....that video made me dizzy....I thought I was either flying or fall in the water!!! That would have done me in......I DON'T swim!! Anyhoo back to the star.....great job Lily on your swimming, great job Rosie on your cheering, great job Dawn on your photos but sorry B- on your video!

Vivian M said...

Way to go Lily!!!


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