9 Dec 2012

The skating chicken

Today was our friend Trevi's 8th birthday party and she had it at an ice skating rink. Since Hollis and her girls are family to us, hey we choose our family, blood does not decide family in either household, Lily forfeited the 2nd part of her swim meet to attend. Trevi is another sister to her and she wasn't about to miss her sisters birthday. (those were her words)

Anyhoo, we all skated and had a great time. Thankfully Rosie is starting to get the hang of it and I am no longer being pulled down on the ice every 5 feet. Lily has mastered the art of going very fast but still has not mastered the art of stopping which is a bit dodgey to say the very least but proves to be hilarious. Her and Anlei took off with another friend and were frequently seen whizzing by.

For reasons that were not made clear to anyone, this particular skating rink has two people dress up in costumes and come out on the ice. One is a chicken and the other a penguin. The both do the Chicken Dance. It is hilarious and all the kids dance with them. Once the dance is over they skate around the ice once and then leave. Odd? yes I do believe it is. As the chicken was making his victory lap Lily, with the speed of a Ferrari, skated in to him and sent him flying. The poor defenceless chicken, span around, wobbled and then went down. Rosie and I just happened to be coming down the home stretch and saw it happen. It was a classic moment. We stopped so as not to fall on top but sadly the penguin didn't see us stop and he ran into us. It was a nasty feathery pile up on the ice.

A great time was had by all. We haven't been able to spend much time with Hollis and the girls due to our swimming schedule and their soccer schedule so just being together with them and the rest of the family was much needed.

Rosie hanging on for dear life
The skating chicken before the incident
Lily and Anlei after the incident. Lily can't even stand up she is laughing so hard
Don't they look concerned? Not so much!
Little Trevi, all the way to the right. I really can't believe she is 8.
Double trouble.
Ahh, Rosie's favourite part of the ice arena, the Manboni. 
Once the party was over the ice was cleared and Rosie suddenly came dashing in to our party room begging for me to come quickly because the Manboni was out there. The what? The MANBONI. I'm guessing that's the same as the Zamboni. She loves watching it polish the ice, I think it is her favourite thing about ice skating.


val said...

Whoops.....you all could have had chicken soup!

Vivian M said...

Bwahahaha! You know from now on I am going to call it a MANBONI too, right? ;o)


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