8 Nov 2012

The other side of swimming

So many of my posts revolve around swimming which isn't surprising considering how many hours are spent at the pool but I don' think I have done a post on the other side of the pool.

Tonight I captured the excitement that happens in the stands.

Yes, he really is asleep. 
Snoring in fact
Yes, he did actually fall over and sleep like that.
Lily and Sally found it funny, very funny.
It's easy to swim, "fly" when you look like one.

Exciting isn't it? Don't be jealous.

In the defence of Andy he had a rotten headache and just couldn't take the 2 and a half hours of sitting at the pool but wouldn't go back to the car.


val said...

It's that man thing.....they could fall asleep on a clothes line!!!

Vivian M said...

Ohhh blackmail pictures!!! Wish I could sleep that easily in public, I can't even sleep in the car or on a plane!


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