7 Nov 2012

Feeling blue

Rosie is having some issues with the temperature of the pool water in the last couple of weeks. Actually that isn't true because she isn't bothered by it but her coaches have been bothered by the fact that she is turning blue and that she is shaking and her teeth are chattering whilst she is swimming. If they ask her if she is OK she says yes which is a complete joke as she is freezing. Thankfully Coach Andrew is a smart man and just pulls her out the pool.

She is really bothered that she can't swim and everyone else can so I went online to see what I could find and I took said findings back to Coach Andrew.

Yesterday this arrived in the mail. Her new thermal core suit.

please excuse the tag, she was trying it on.
She tried it out last night. She made it through the lesson without getting evicted BUT it wasn't that cold last night. Her hands and legs were cold but her body was actually toasty warm. Maybe it will work and considering it was only $27 it was no big deal. At first she wasn't happy about it and told me she would wear it the next day but when I said, "Sorry Charlie, today is the day", and she put it on she loved it.

I asked her if it was hard to swim and she said, no.

Her coach said it would be too hard to swim in, but big boss man had already OK'ed it saying if we didn't do something she would reach a point where she associated swimming with being cold even though she isn't doing it yet.

The other thing I do differently now to is I put a hat on her wet head the second she climbs out of the pool. A wooly hat. Kid is a freak but she is my freak.

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val said...

Poor Rosie.....she needs to get some meat on those bones, Shall I send you some hand warmers to put inside her swim cap??

This word ID is being a bitch today....I'm on #7


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