6 Nov 2012

Rosie's swim meet

Last Friday evening Rosie had part 2 of her Friendly Meet at the pool. She was really excited about it......surprise surprise, that didn't stop her from getting a bit nervous just as we arrived though.

Her first meet is mere weeks away and trying to get kidlets this age ready for such a thing takes time and dedication from the coaches. Ro would have been DQ'd in one stroke for not touching with 2 hands but in her second race she hit with both.

No diving blocks for these tiddlers, just in the water and   GO
breast stroke
See the purple colour of those lips? It's a probby.
I love this photo
All done
Coach Andrew Phillips.......the best.
Rosie's coaches. Fabulous.
My little swimmer
Swimming and trying to stay warm is tiring.
Both girls will compete together in the Santa Meet and I hope that that will be enough for Rosie. If she knows Lily is there I think she can pull it off because even though she is tiny there is talk about putting her in 4 heats.

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val said...

Way to go Rosie! Great pics! Were you standing on the diving board??


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