9 Nov 2012

So many tears.

I absolutely hate good byes.

My sister and brother in law left a couple of hours ago.

Both of my girls are still crying.

I keep fighting back the tears.

My sister cried so hard.

It sucks.

It's harder this time than ever before.

The girls and I are ready to move back.

Last few minutes together at Starbucks at the airport
Oh how she is going to miss her Crazy Aunty
and then the reality struck her.


likeschocolate said...

That is so great that they have such a good relationship with your family. Hopefully, it won't be to long before the next visit.

val said...

Dawn....I feel your pain! It does suck....big time!

Vivian M said...

Crap this post made me cry too. I hope you and they can visit more often. :o(


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