11 Nov 2012

That was silly of me

Whilst my BIL was here he casually mentioned, while standing next to my car, that next time I had my car at the shop I needed to ask them to look at my brakes. He then pointed out to me where they looked a bit thin. I have never taken my car to get it worked on, ever. Jacob has always done it and prior to that my Father did it. I actually never knew cars needed oil...yes I know that's pretty lame but my Father made sure our cars were in tip top condition for us at all times and that pretty much included keeping the petrol tanks full too.

Today I stepped into the mens world. I drove my car to the nasty world of oil changes etc and told the guy that we use that I needed an oil change and would he please look at my brakes. I told him they looked a bit thin but I thought they would be OK for a little longer. He told me he would inspect them for free and gave me $10 off the price of the oil change. I left there feeling quite impressed and walked the 2 miles home while the girls rode their bikes.

An hour later we rode/walked/ran back the 2 miles to the nasty world of oil changes to pick up my car and was was told a whole laundry list of things that were wrong with my car. Apparently Jacob doesn't believe in preventative maintenance and the big man in charge of nasty oil change place  didn't want me to think he was taking advantage of me so he dragged me and my 2 innocent children into his den of yuck and showed me all the problems with my car first hand. Apparently it is important to change air fliters before they grow green mold and have more crap on them than a Dyson collection drum. Ohhh, who knew. Apparently it isn't OK to ignore the scheduled maintenance and just change the oil, brakes and tyres. nope. not. at. all.

I signed some papers, agreed to get started and walked home, but not with such a spring in my step and definitely not with as much money in my wallet. The girls went off for the day with their dad and I waited for the phone call to say my car was ready.

I finally got to walk back to the nasty world of oil changes and picked up my car and was told, oh we found a nail in your tyre, so we fixed it for you, but didn't charge you. I think I mumbled thank you, at least I hope I did. I came home and spoke to my BIL and he told me all sorts of things including how my gas mileage will improve now. About an hour later I received an urgent call from a client so I went to work and stopped and got gas on the way. I didn't think twice about it until I was nearly home and when I look down at my MPG it was 10 miles more than before. Aha, a silver lining.

I think I am going to bury my head in the sand or perhaps become a grease monkey so that I can do this stuff myself. This coming week I have to finish what I started. I'm dreading it. If anyone knows an honest mechanic in Miami let me know. I need one. I'm even more scared of the dealer than I am of the place I went today. Oh I drive a Honda.

Oh and my car smells funky now too. Not in bad way but it just does. Must be the fresh air I can smell. Or perhaps the something or other rods or struts or god knows what. My head is going to implode. Those places are dirty and germy too....gag.

I think my car feels violated I looked under it knickers.


val said...

You are so funny! I am so with you on this......what is it about mechanics that make us women feel like we live in anther world?

PS The only thing worse is trying to prove "I AM NOT A ROBOT"

Vivian M said...

Ugh I hear you. My car is at the dealer right now!


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