25 Oct 2012

Life is a masquerade

Halloween is just around the corner and the girls have had their costumes picked out for over a month but tonight they decided they needed to be absolutely sure they had made the right choices.

They scurried off into the toy room and buried themselves in the dress up box. Every single one of the 99 million costumes that we have came flying out but for some reason the things that held them captive tonight were the masks.

I was busy cleaning out closets so I wasn't really paying to much attention to them but I walked past when they were playing with this one.

A few minutes later Rosie wanted me to take her photo looking like this.

Once the box was completely empty and the floor was covered in feathers and sequins they both decided they were 100% happy with their original choices. Oh Goody. I thought it would be a great time to see if we could part with a few of them......silly me.


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val said...

No hint as to what they are going to be?


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