16 Sep 2012

Simple Sunday

Hah, I managed to pull off yet another very simple day. I woke up at 5 something due to a thunderstorm and my first thought was, Ohh cool I hope it's still raining later, and it was! So once the girls were up and had breakfast we went out for another rainy run. It wasn't as torrential as yesterday but it was rain so that meant fun.

After swimming I ran a quick errand. The girls have been playing "slings" and pretending to have broken arms for the last 2 days with some really old scarves and I forgot they were wearing them when we went to run the errand.

This is what greeted me when we got out of the car:

it went from being a sling to a Von Trapp family accessory. 
I took one look at her and burst out laughing. I begged her for a photo and then dared her to enter the shop like that. She didn't, phew, thank goodness. Crazy child. After lunch we headed to the Grove for a walk around the park. I wanted to take the bikes but met a little resistance so I settled with walking the park instead. Lily Von Trap left her head scarf in the car :-)

Annoyed that they have to take time from throwing stones into the water to pose for a photo.
So it wasn't quite as still and quiet as yesterday but close enough. The girls are off school tomorrow for Rosh Hashannah so I'll shake it up again then.

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