17 Sep 2012

The dreaded sleep study update

A few months ago I mentioned that Jacob was going for a sleep study and then I never mentioned it again. He failed the test and did need a CPAP machine which wasn't much of a surprise. I think the bigger surprise is that it has had very little affect. The man still sleeps all the time because he hates the mask and the machine. I don't really blame him it's one heck of contraption to have to sleep with.

He is slowly, oh so freaking slowly, trying to get used to using it. He wears it a few hours here and there and once he does I am up for the night. A few of you mentioned the white noise that the machine gives off. Are you kidding me? White noise? OMG, it's like sleeping next to someone with the death rattle.

I rue the day I ever suggested he take the damn test. At least when he snored I could just kick him and he would stop but now that thing and him make so much noise no one can sleep. Both the kids are scared to death to see him in his mask. Yikes what a nightmare. LOL

His test results showed that he held his breath minimally, more when he was on his back than on his side and for very tiny periods but he woke himself up constantly with his snoring. That was his biggest problem. I would agree with that. The man can snore. I think the throat surgery would have better alternative for him. He still snores a tiny bit with the mask on. How can that be?

I now average 3 hours of sleep a night and he still sleeps most of the day. Something about the sleep study seems to have failed..............MISERABLY.

Next time I have a hair brained idea to improve the quality of someones life and enhance the overall lives of our family especially in the form of an ultimatum I think I shall keep it to myself and take a nap instead.

I know I couldn't sleep with this contraption stuck to my head and that's a fact.

Not Jacob, image borrowed from Google images.


Tammie said...

That CPAP saved my marriage!! My dad is working on getting used to his machine also. There is a smaller mask available. Have Jacob ask about that.

Vivian M said...

My machine hardly makes any noise at all, it is extremely quiet. Maybe the mask is not fitting him properly, or something is wrong with the machine?


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