15 Sep 2012

Speed bump

It seems that once the kids return to school that life moves at warped speed. Every once in a while I just yell S.T.O.P. because it isn't natural to run at full pelt for weeks on end like a manic hamster on a wheel. Today was the day. I didn't know that today was going to be the day it just happened that way.

Rosie woke up early and I was already up, it's a new thing with me, I can't sleep. Lily got up shortly after her so once they had had breakfast I decided to go out for a run. Not sure where that idea came from but it seemed like a grand one at that precise second. The girls wanted to come with me on their bikes and I thought it would be a good idea. We were minutes from the house when the heavens opened but since there was no thunder (unusual for here at this time of year) I asked if they wanted to keep going. Of course they did! It was pouring and we were soaked. I ran a couple of miles and they rode along with me. The puddles got deeper and they we had more and more fun. By the time we got home we were drowned, hot and happy. Seems that I can run a whole lot further in the rain.

After we showered and changed they just seemed so happy playing with there toys that I was able to do things that I wanted to get done in the house. No one cared about being anywhere. We did make it to Rosie's swim class but after that we came home and played Monopoly until dinner.

Tonight we climbed into my bed really early and watched a movie. Shhh, don't tell a soul but I broke all my own rules and actually let them eat popcorn in bed. It's was the microwave kind in a bag so it didn't have butter on it, I haven't lost all my marbles yet. Both girls were fast asleep by 8pm tonight and will probably sleep for 12-14 hours. Once they actually stop they sleep so much better.

Sometimes I just have to throw a wrench in the works and call it quits. Life flies by. Their days are a blurr and a flurry and I think it is mad. Is everyones life this busy or is it partially where we live, I really don't know.

Tomorrow I might try a repeat of today. Not exactly the same but the gist would work out fine. I actually hope it rains in the morning so we can go for another wet run.


Anonymous said...

yo my dearies...sounds like fun running in your lovely warm rain..Am a little conserned that you allowed crumbs to posibly come anywhere near to your bed.....maybe it is heatstroke or a sodden brain....but hay, ho sounds good and does this mean that you are becomming a little less ( oh dear struggling for the right words)..but you know what i mean .lol.xxbb

val said...

My weekends start at 1:00pm on Thurs & go until Sun night & it seems like time goes by in the blink of an eye. My to-do lists are a mile long & I never finish them. Here it is Sun night & instead of being happy with what I did get done I'm frustrated by what is left on the list!
We too need to slow down but I really need a couple 28 hour days.....on my weekend of course!!


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