8 Aug 2012

Zip a dee do da kinda day

Warning: this post is heavy on photos. Yesterday when we were driving around we saw a huge billboard for a ziplining adventure so we drove up the mountain to investigate. We arrived at 5.04pm and it closed at 5.00pm so we drove back down. This morning right after breakfast we drove back up. We arrived just in time and the lady said if you want to go zip lining hurry otherwise you are going to have a really long wait. I filled out the paperwork, Jacob ran and dropped some stuff off in the car and the guides started getting the girls into their harnesses. It all happened so fast which is a really good thing as I didn't have time to realise I was going to have to wear a hat that someone else had worn on their head or gloves that someone else had worn. As we were getting ready at warped speed Lily cracked up laughing and made a comment about community clothing and looked at me and the guide tried so hard to make me feel better. I sucked it up like a big girl and promised myself I would bathe in bleach when I got home, if I lived.

 With the harnesses on we climbed on to a platform, met the guides that we were zipping with and took off. It was fantastic. Mallory and Philip were incredible and made what would have been a great adventure a thousand times more fun. Lily and Rosie were able to zip line solo for most of the lines but for a couple of them they had to go tandem. Since you all know what a fruit loop Rosie is the best way for me to explain how amazing these guides were is to tell you that when Rosie found out she had to go with Philip, alone, and go first with out anyone she knew at all, she took off laughing. It was such fun. We flew,for miles, 4 miles in fact on various wires. It was non stop fun. well we stopped occasionally when fools like myself didn't quite make it to the end.

The kids did great, no fear, no mistakes. Obviously Rosie wasn't tall enough to reach the line so she couldn't break so when she got to the end Philip had to catch her but Lily did the breaking part just fine. We also got to walk over a couple of swing bridges which in my opinion were almost as great as the ziplines. We were fortunate that we had one other family in our group and they were lovely. If you are ever in Seven Devils N.C. and want to Zip Line I highly recommend Hawksnest but you really need to try it with mallory and Phillip as your guides.
Harnessed and ready to zip
I think I have just realised some one else has worn that hat as I appear to be gritting my teeth,
We sent Rosie first
off she goes, solo
now it's Lily's turn
She was flying
my outdoor girl loving every second of it
Rosie looking a bit tired. All that kit was heavy and it was hot but she never complained once, she loved it
the frist bridge, this one was really wobbly
Nope, I'm not scared
THe big guy, it really wobbled when he came over
Mission accomplished
Driving home I spotted this oldbarn. I've never seen a "proper American" barn before and I loved it.
I seriously think I am living in the wrong State. How the hell did I get stuck in Florida? I might chain myself to that old barn and refuse to leave.


Sammons said...

I'm feeling the same way about Arizona!! Why oh why??? Looks like you had a blast!!!! So envious! Hugs!

Pam said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!

val said...

I wanna go there! Rosie in the "too big for her" gloves cracked me up.

Last of all you are so in the wrong state.....you need to come visit upstate NY.....we have it all over NC!

Vivian M said...

You can sell the house and move if you really want. We did and other than missing all our friends and family, don't regret the move at all - it was one of the best decisions we ever made.


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