9 Aug 2012

Grandfather Mountain

I have a penchant for being outdoors and in large open spaces so today we headed to Grandfather Mountain. It was glorious, really it was. You should jump in your car now, right now, and head to North Carolina. Some of you might need to take a plane but that's just fine, go ahead and book your tickets.

The views were stunning, breathtaking in fact in certain places. We laughed as our little Nissan rental car chugged and puffed its way up the mountain roads. Of all the times to have an SUV parked in my driveway at home.

We stopped at all the possible places where you could get out and walk about and then once we made it to the very top we walked the mile high swing bridge and then Lily and I walked a trail back down and to the first/last parking area and Jacob and Rosie drove down and waited for us. Lily had wanted to hike up but a certain lazy bones had decided that it would be a dreadful idea so I promised her I would hike back down with her. We had a brilliant time and literally came face to face with a deer.

As we sat outside eating our lunch the humming birds were flocking to the feeders and at one time there must have been about 10 of them. It was gorgeous. Rosie couldn't believe that birds come in bright yellow, those were the chaffinches, (luckily for me Val had posted about them recently, thank you.)

The girls underneath Split Rock
Lets get  moving
The girls with Mildred
A hummingbird having lunch
yikes...a bear

1 mile high
don't move...at all
centre point of the bridge
the girls and I at the tippy top
Girls on a bridge
Lily on the trail we took back to the car. It was so steep in some parts, such fun.
Same kid, same trail, same fun.
The deer we encountered
Our view from the bottom of the trail
Must dash, more adventures to be had.


val said...

Aren't mountains the coolest? Great pics.....especially the deer!

Anonymous said...

love this visual diary of events, keep 'em coming...bb..xx

Leah Mei said...

We've actually been to Grandfather Mountain. Love it! Love your pictures!



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